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Communication Arts

The Communication Arts program is the foundation upon which all other learning takes place.  Communication skills are central to both cognitive and social development.  Listening, speaking, reading and writing are skills students need to help them solve problems, make decisions, interpret information, and communicate their experiences to others.
The Camdenton R-III Communication Arts program strives to produce high school graduates who possess the knowledge and skills which enable them to communicate effectively, acquire, assess, and apply knowledge; select and use thinking skills as they solve problems, use technical skills; demonstrate personal, social, civic, and environmental responsibility; and demonstrate a positive work ethic.
Communication skills are learned early, but take many years of practice to master.  Thus, the Communication Arts program is spiraled in complexity throughout the grades.  Our Communication Arts curriculum will offer students the opportunity to apply the communication skills they have learned in the classroom to a variety of real world situations, therefore preparing the students to communicate effectively in a variety of situations.