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Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology provides an avenue for the practical applications of technology.  It  develops the human potential of all students for responsible work, citizenship, and leisure roles in an ever-changing technological society. 
In order to lead productive and fulfilling lives and to continue learning, Camdenton graduates will possess the knowledge and skills that enable them to:
*Employ a systematically developed technology knowledge base, research, critical thinking, effective communications, problem-solving, innovation, and creativity in solving technological problems.
*Safely use, develop, and design the concepts, systems, tools, machines, processes, and technological basis of Energy, Power, Communications and Materials, and Processing Technology.
*Develop a personal sense of technology and its trends in preparation for integrated and lifelong learning.
*Develop leadership, teamwork and pride in quality when engaging in technological activities.
*Transfer and apply technological knowledge and skills to school, career, and societal settings.