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The Camdenton R-III Music Program supports the district mission in the following ways:
  • Students will possess the knowledge and skills that enable them to acquire, assess, and apply knowledge about music, as well as how it relates to all disciplines.
  • Students will be able to select and use thinking skills to solve musical problems individually and within groups.
  • Students will be able to communicate effectively about music and through music.
  • All students are unique with varying learning styles, abilities, strengths, and interests, and should be offered opportunities to maximize their capabilities in music.
  • All student learning is enhanced through social interaction provided by participation in music
  • It is the belief of the music faculty that all students have musical ability and should be given the opportunity to develop it.  The music curriculum provides a sequential, comprehensive approach to developing musical knowledge.
  • It has been said that music is the universal language.  When all other attempts to communicate fail, music bridges the gap.  Music is an integral expression of all cultures.  The history of a culture is reflected in its music.  The study of music enables all students to better understand the diverse global society in which we live, thus benefiting both society and the student.