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Camdenton High School
Summer School 2018
CHS is proud to announce that students will be able to earn credits or recover credits in both June and July for a total of 2 credits for the summer!  We are proud to have partnered with Launch to help expand our summer school offerings.
What is Launch?  Launch is Missouri’s solution for course access issues for school districts and families in need of flexible and personalized learning options. Launch courses meet both individual student needs and the needs of districts seeking to provide virtual course options for their students.  
Classes must meet enrollment requirements to be held.
General: Regular school dress code is required with the exception of the wearing of hats inside of the building. Hats are allowed during summer session.  Normal school rules are in effect during summer session.  Because of the short period of time involved in summer school and the intensity of instructions, behavior problems will not be tolerated.  Incidents of smoking, fighting, and/or disrespect will result in immediate expulsion from the summer program.  Students may not leave the building during a class period or break time and return on the same day.  This holds true for virtual course as well when the student comes into the building to do work.  Students are expected to bring necessary supplies each day.
Attendance:  Students are expected to meet the minimum hourly requirement expected for 0.5 credit for the June physical education course.  Failure to meet the hourly requirement will result in no credit for the June physical education class.  The summer school director must be notified of any extenuating circumstances.
Tuition:  No tuition will be charged for any summer school course.
Eligibility:  Any student, grade 9-12, is eligible to attend.
Transportation: Transportation will still be provided for summer school but will be limited on stop locations.  The transportation list can be found on the following link: Summer School Transportation Routes
Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be provided during summer school.
Director:  J.D. Hunter - 573-346-9204
                    If you would like any additional information or have any questions, please call.