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Student Parking

Parking Passes are available through the high school front office.
Driving to school and parking on school property are privileges and therefore the district may regulate those who drive. Each student will need to have a parking permit signed by both student and parents which lists the regulations for driving and parking, on file in the high school office. Each student wishing to park on campus shall receive copies of the district student drug testing policy and the drug testing consent form which shall be read, signed and dated by the student and the student’s parent/guardian.
Students in grades 10-12 must turn in the drug testing consent form to the high school office by the deadline set for the school year before the 37 student will be allowed to obtain a student parking pass. If a student is 18 years of age and living with a parent/guardian, he or she still must have both the student and parent/guardian signatures. If the student is 18 years of age and does not reside with a parent/guardian, the student’s signature is all that is required. Students in grades 10-12 will not be eligible to obtain a student parking pass for ten (10) school days after the required forms are completed and returned to the high school office. The complete Student Drug Testing Policy is contained in Camdenton R-III School District Policies JFCI and JFCI-AP.
Freshmen old enough to drive will need special permission from Administration to drive and park on school property.
Assigned Parking Spots Each student will receive a free hang tag with a number which designates the assigned parking space. In the event the hang tag is lost, the student will be assigned a new parking space and corresponding hang tag. Driving and Parking Regulations  Students must display the hang tag on the rear view mirror (or on the dash board of the vehicle if there is no rear view mirror) when the vehicle is parked on school property during the school day. Failure to properly display the hang tag is considered a parking violation.
 Students must park in the assigned parking space and must park within the lines marking a parking space. If a student parks in an inappropriate parking space, he/she will be given consequences consistent with the sections entitled “Penalties for Driving and Parking Violations”.
 Students are not to park in the visitor spaces, handicapped spaces, fire lanes, exits, entrances or areas designated for staff.
 Students are not to park in the areas marked with yellow stripes or outside the end of a row of parking spaces.
 Students are to observe the speed limits and drive in a safe manner.
 Any student vehicle parked illegally may be towed at the owner’s expense. (i.e. vehicle parked in handicapped, in no parking zone, in fire lanes or not in proper parking space.)
Students on “Red card” are not allowed to park on campus. In the event that a student must drive due to “COOP” obligations or other situations approved by administration, the student must park in the “Red card” lot located at the bottom of the main entrance 38 road across from the soccer stadium.