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Senior Experience Showcase

Course Description:

The Senior Experience Career Block is meant to go hand in hand with Senior Experience English taken concurrently.

Camdenton High School has many different opportunities in place for students to continue to pursue rigor through the end of their senior year. However, not all of these opportunities work for all seniors. It is our desire to create Senior Culminating Experience options for all of our students in order to help propel them into their college, career, and life experiences after high school


The idea of experiential learning is one that strives to get students to use the knowledge they have gained in the classroom throughout their high school career by giving it direct application outside the high school environment. This type of learning is meant to fully engage the learner in a topic or idea of his/her choosing and see it through to a final product. This will give students experiences that will help them throughout their adult lives when it comes to becoming contributing adults in the workforce and their communities.



Today, 2/23/2021, is an informational meeting for students who are interested in enrolling in the course.

 2/23/2021>>> Senior Experience Panel & Presentation