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A+ Program


The A+ Schools Program was created in 1993 by state law as an incentive for improving Missouri's high schools. The primary goal of the A+ Schools Program is to ensure that all students who graduate from Missouri high schools, are well prepared to pursue advanced education and/or employment.  

Photo of graduates in purple caps and gowns, from above

In the Camdenton School District, we believe the education of all students is important, regardless of their plans following high school.

The Missouri A+ Scholarship Program encourages all students to focus on a career goal which requires training beyond high school. Students are asked to select a career path, plan coursework for all four years of high school, and progress toward a goal of additional training at the post-secondary level or a high-wage job.

Throughout their career path journey, students always have the option to modify or change their career goals and course of studies. The Missouri A+ Scholarship Program is designed to ensure that all students will be provided with selections of courses, career counseling, technology and/or workplace skill development opportunities that are appropriate for them to achieve success. 

For more information, visit Missouri Dept of Higher Education - A+ Scholarship Program

  • Academic Lab Flyer, in the Library Monday-Thursday, 3:15 to 4:15


  • Enter into written agreement with Camdenton High School prior to high school graduation.  The Camdenton High School A+ Program written agreement form is available in the A+ Office.
  • Attend a designated A+ School for three years prior to high school graduation. Camdenton High School has been designated as an A+ School.
  • Earn a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale upon graduation
  • Have at least 95% attendance record for the four-year high school period.
  • Perform 50 hours of unpaid school-based tutoring or mentoring of other students of which up to 25% may include job shadowing.  
  •  Maintained a record of good citizenship and avoidance of the unlawful use of drugs.
  • Completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online prior to graduation. 
  • Register for Selective Service, if applicable.
  • Achieve a score of Proficient or Advanced on the Algebra I End of Course exam or a higher level DESE-approved end-of-course exam in the field of mathematics. 

After meeting the above eligibility requirements, students may receive reimbursement for tuition and general fees at any Missouri public community college or vocational-technical school. Tuition reimbursement is contingent upon state funding.

Log Sheet

A+ Tutors please see instructions and log sheets below.  Make sure to log, sign, and submit your hours monthly!